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January 6, 2011 / marden928

Quick tips for getting a lap deck ready for projection

It’s the beginning of the year.  The economy is getting a bit better.  Everyone is buzzing around and getting lots done.  Thoughts are flying everywhere!  At times like these, it’s almost impossible not to put too much information on your page.

But of course, we all want to be good communicators and not overwhelm our audience.  What to do in such prolific times?  Well dear reader, in classic Martha-style, I’ve got a nice little checklist for you to start the process with:

  • First things first, up your font size to legible for your audience – it will give you a guideline for how much needs to be cut
  • Are you really talking about 2 major topics?  It takes just as much time to talk about 2 topics on one page as it does to talk about 2 topics on 2 pages. Go ahead and make those 2 pages!
  • Ask yourself what you should be speaking to instead of writing down.  Anything in circles, after arrows can go!
  • Shorten any and all full sentences into quick phrases – your text is a placeholder for your talk, not the end all be all.  You’re not conducting a read-along, after all!
  • Ask yourself what could be replaced with pictures instead – if there’s one central theme or emotion you want to convey, then maybe you can replace all your text with a well selected image.  If need be, add a couple words on the screen to highlight
  • Should you be replacing text or charts with a data-driven or conceptual chart?  Is it a process?
  • Do you have too many data-points?  If the last 5 years is what’s interesting, you don’t need to show data for the last 20.

This checklist won’t solve all of your page-to-presentation needs, but should get you started!

Happy editing!


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  1. Ferline / Jan 11 2011 1:50 am

    Thanks for the information of your

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