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December 10, 2010 / marden928

Tips for holiday speeches

A the latest IGNITE NYC Holiday Party, my thoughts were requested on talking points for the holiday thank you comments. That got me thinking about holiday speeches at general and I’d like to share my list of quick tips with you:

1. Keep it short and sweet – holiday parties are about partying, let your guests get back to their drinks.
2. Don’t be afraid to use humor – holidays are fun, not serious. Don’t be afraid to throw in some jokes.
3. Be sentimental – this is the time of year of sappy commercials for a reason, people are evaluating their lives and want to celebrate their accomplishments, friends and colleagues
4. Be grateful – call out some of the amazing things that folks in the room have done for you or your organization
5. Don’t forget to thank any sponsors – Who doesn’t like a sponsor? Give them their marketing!
6. Raise that glass – holiday speeches are like toasts, raise your glass to your attendees! Spread the love!
7. Keep serious content for serious times – schedule another event or meeting for any heavy content.

And with that, I hope you are also enjoying your holiday party season! I raise my coffee cup to you!


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