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October 20, 2010 / marden928

Visual Communications for good

And hopefully this project will end up in GOOD 🙂

Among the 12 million things I’ve been working on as of late (alas not my blog as much 😦 ), I’m part of a do-gooder project with Digital Democracy.  Basically, they go around the world to disaster areas and help the people out with tech devices.  They care about innovation, people, technology, good communications and well, keeping their soul.  Essentially, a dream project.

The specific project we’re working on is helping to get funding for a project to benefit women in Haiti.  Right now, there are 1000 refugee camps and only 6 of them have police (who are kinda corrupt anyway).  Couple that with the fact that rape has been legal in Haiti until 2005 and what do you get?  Yup, a bunch of awesome Haitian girls and ladies terrified to function.  That means avoiding school, not going to the bathroom, not leaving their cramped tents at night, etc because their afraid of getting attacked.

Enter Digitial Democracy with the awesome techno ninja (wait, they said they do techno jujitsu skills to help them have simple things like lighting and the knowledge of technology to help report and avoid being attacked.  If only they had an army of muay thai instructors to teach these women as well 🙂

More to come on this awesome project as it develops!  In the meantime, their awesome write-up!


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