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October 12, 2010 / marden928

Gap logo switch a mess

Everyone is talking about the GAP logo switch and switch back to the original. I’ve read all sorts of comments in other media: PSFK, PR Daily News, Ragan, etc etc etc. The opinions seem to fall into a few camps:

  • Yes crowd source logo information
  • Holy crap that font sucks
  • Logos should be a reflection of an overall brand reset
  • It must have been a publicity stunt

Publicity stunt or not, the idea of crowd sourcing a logo makes my skin crawl a little bit.  The best logo design is in fact based on an overall brand positioning.   A CEO and CMO should know what they want their brand to stand for.  If they want help with that, they should get help from brand strategists.

Should their consumers be part of that?  Like a good presentation, no.   I don’t think they should central direction – otherwise it won’t be genuine.  That should come from the company (just like your messages should come from you as a speaker).

Opinions and feedback from their consumers a good idea?  Definitely.  It’s good to know your audience and to ensure that their needs are being met by your messaging/brand positioning/consumer offerings.

So, what should GAP do now?

A real brand, including store and online offerings after some serious consumer segmentation research (audience analysis is a critical thing after all).  They should also really figure out what they want the GAP to stand for from their end – at this point, they seem uber confused.  Eager for a brand refresh, but sans direction – they should under-go some corporate therapy and really figure it out before the next logo redesign.

And they really shouldn’t use that font again.  Ick!


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