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April 22, 2010 / marden928

My love of graphic recording

An utterly fabulous way to add some interest, clarity and a recording of your next meeting could be to hire a graphic recorder.  “Graphic recorder you say? Who are these people of whom you speak?”

Graphics recorders are people who take notes during your meeting, but in pictures.  Frequently they go about this by putting up paper on the wall and literally drawing out your meeting as it happens.  Graphic recorders do this by:

  • Having excellent and fast drawing skills
  • Having a fantastic ability to visualize your content
  • Having a fantastic ability to synthesize your content

The value?

  • People remember 15% of what they just hear and something like 65-85% of what they hear and see – graphic recorders can do that for conversations off the cuff, not just the prepared PowerPoints
  • They add some whimsy and fun to the room – extra great for innovation, marketing, vague or tough conversations
  • Makes your meetings more memorable – especially the content
  • Helps bring focus to the content – it’s hard not to observe their magic!

Wanna learn more?  check out the duo that I’ve seen:

They also have a fun blog where they draw out the daily headlines in the NY Times.

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