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March 24, 2010 / marden928

Ignite videos

While sitting down with one of the fabulous organizers of Ignite NYC, I learned that videos of the various presentations are now up!

Check them out here:

It’s my understanding that the Ignite NYC folks are putting together a mega-Ignite event, that could involve everyone who’s ever spoken for Ignite NYC.  You can be sure I’ll post about it once it’s set!

Certainly feels a bit odd to see yourself on video, but an exercise worth doing.  It’s a technique that many presentation coaches have been using for years, for a reason.  Mainly because you’ll get out of your head a bit.  You’ll learn how good your pacing is good, if you’re speaking with as much emphasis as you thought you had.   And how nervous you seem on the outside (I learned that I don’t seem as nervous as I thought I would – phew).  No need to make it too fancy, many digital cameras can record videos now.  If you are a little teeny bit fancier, maybe get your hands on a Flip.

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